A place with
its own enchantment

The Pimpi occupies an old home from the XVIII century, built on an old Roman road. It was in 1971 when it was converted into this wine cellar.
The traditional wine cellar is divided into different halls and patios, each one with a particular atmosphere which makes it unique.

It´s decoration, typically Malagueño, is the soul of this wine cellar. An environment through which many great personalities in the cultural and art world have passed through and where one can breathe the Málaga of bygone years.

Patio of the Repompa

This flowerful and colorful patio pays homage to one of the most celebrated popular artists from Málaga, La Repompa. Born in the Perchel neighborhood and died with a mere 21, in 1959.


Hall that she herself inaugurated in one of her frequent visits to the wine cellar. Currently it has been converted into the Pimpi Tunnel, a hall where you can taste some of the best tapas and wines of the region.

Main Bar

Another of the well known corners, whose walls are decorated by photographs that leave testimony from numerous artists, writers and personalities of social circles, who left their finger print in their passing through our cellar.

Picasso´s Dovecote

From these balconies, we can enjoy priviledged views of the Alcazaba and the Roman Theater. In the Dovecote the various literary gatherings are held.

Hall of the Barrels

Decorated with the popular barrels, where the Málaga wines were aged that came from the mountains of Málaga. In these barrels the most illustrious visitors left their signatures and dedications.

Gloria Fuentes Patio

It receives it´s name from the poet Gloria Fuentes, as this is where she began her poetry gatherings. Within is the Iberian corner and a space dedicated to products from the local vegetable garden. Crowned by a barroque fountain, which had been used as an animal trough.

Private rooms

In order to make a reservation for El Pimpi or for any of our private rooms for events, please complete the reservation form or contact us calling at 952 225 403.

Salón: Agrupación de Cofradías

Hall of the
Association of Brotherhoods

Holy Week is a fundamental part of our culture, thanks to the laudable labor of the 41 Brotherhoods of Málaga. The Pimpi has always been affiliated with them, from here stems our homage to them by giving this ample and flexible hall that the own President of the Association of Brotherhoods of Málaga inaugurated in November 2016.

  • Capacity of 45 people (cocktail)
  • Independent Patio
  • Audiovisual equipment and WIFI

Paco de La Torre Hall

This hall makes reference to the Mayor of Málaga who has worked more years than any other. From the beginning of his mandate, back in 2000, the capital of the Costa del Sol has experienced great changes in terms of tourism and culture, placing the city as a a national and European reference.

  • Capacity of 4-8 people
  • Round table ideal for work meetings
  • Epoch decor

Antonio Banderas Hall

If there is a known Malagueño in the world, that is Antonio Banderas. Actor who has spread the Spanish label by celebrating his being Malagueño, telling the world the virtues of his land and its people, the climate or it´s grastronomy. Cherished person in the Pimpi and who has always collaborated in solidarity and cultural causes, his signature decrated the Pimpi since 1996. Antonio Banderas himself inaugurated the hall Holy Wednesday 2016.

  • Capacity for 16 persons
  • Imperial table
  • Audiovisual equipment and WIFI
  • Balcony looking onto Calle Granada
Calle Granada, 62
Calle Alcazabilla - 29015 Málaga
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